Will Obama Urban Czar Survive?

President Obama’s new urban czar, Adolfo Carrión, admitted Tuesday he has not paid an architect who designed a renovation of his Bronx home two years ago. That presents conflict-of-interest issues because at the time the architect was a key player in a Bronx development that needed approval from Carrión, then the Bronx borough president…Carrión claimed the architect spent 51.5 hours on the renovation for a total bill of $3,627.50, “based on their usual rates.” That works out to about $71 per hour.

Visit the article: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/2009/03/10/2009-03-10_conflictofinterest_issues_grow_for_presi-2.html

Aside: What Architect in NYC do you know that charges $71/hr for his work? That’s even slightly below the rate that Interior Design students charge their clients ($75/hr) when first starting out. With an avg hourly rate of $130 (for Arch and asst) the amount due would equal $9,230. Still very low for construction documents and handling of a project.


2 Responses

  1. the blended hourly rate, which averages the billable rate for all employees, for an established architecture firm is not as high as you think. a rough guess…approximately $130/hour based on my knowledge of the situation.

    • Fair Enough – I’ll amend my original post – so instead of $12,875, it would equal roughly $9,230. Still a nice incentive to support Bronx development.

      And of course – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t require payment on delivery of a product – in this case, Arch. Const. Docs for a reno requiring a seal and permits, etc..

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