Defining Socialism. Hear Hear!

When so many of my friends balk at being defined as a socialist claiming that there are many different versions (as if it was the answer to Christian schisms), I was happy to come upon this article in the American Thinker, by James Lewis “Of course he’s a socialist.” How rare it is that we call a spade a spade.

    “Our socialists will tell us is that there are 57 varieties of socialism, so that dreaded word doesn’t really mean anything after all. Well, tell that to 100 million dead people over the 20th century from Stalin to Mao. Tell it to people starving this very day in North Korea. Tell it to the thousands of Cubans who took to rubber rafts to get to this country. Tell it to the UN-ocrats who are enabling Sudanese genocide because Muslims have an alliance with European socialists at the UN.

    Socialism is internationalist, and that means a genuine dual loyalty for a president of the United States. Marxists are convinced there is an inevitable contradiction between love of country and love of humanity. That’s why it’s called the Socialist International, and why the anthem is the Internationale.”

And perhaps my favorite point, because it precisely sums up the Christian perspective on humanity as a whole: We are all of us the same, we are all of us equal – in that we are human. We must all be allowed the opportunity to exercise our God-given rights. To succeed and to fail and to get back up again! How American!!!

How human

    “India finally came to its senses when it rediscovered the amazing initiative and brains of its talented people, if they were just left alone to surf the web, read the books, learn and teach. South and East Asia have long scholarly traditions; Western math and science is no more difficult than the Sanskrit of the Bhagavat-Gita. While North Korea is still suffering under the Stalinist whip, with hundreds of thousands of people starving, right across the border their extended families prosper in South Korea.”

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