US House Seat in NY. Opportunity for Warning the Dems?

Apparently an opportunity to move a House seat to the Republican party. I don’t know anything about this guy. Just thought it was note worthy since I hadn’t heard much about the vacant seat. I’m thinking perhaps with the disillusionment and fear running rampant lately, maybe a little warning flare would be helpful.

Not that I’m convinced the Reps are for cutting spending (just have to refer to the last 8 years), but a little dead lock would be helpful. Wouldn’t even my liberal friends agree? (many of whom are disillusioned by the 3 houses being run by 1 party at the moment)
From a recent mailing:

    “(The Republican Party) has the opportunity to pick up this U.S. House seat previously held by Hillary Clinton’s replacement in the U.S. Senate. This is a conservative district in upstate New York and our Democratic opponents are working overtime to win because they can see it slipping away – cutting into their majority.

    We’ve established a special committee to win this race for our candidate, Jim Tedisco. Jim is the Republican leader of the NY state assembly who has a strong record of fighting for tax relief, a strong economy and our shared values.
    The NRCC-Tedisco Victory fund is the only committee dedicated exclusively to winning New York’s 20th Congressional District for Republicans. Every dollar you can give today will go directly to fund get-out-the-vote activities and advertisements aimed at Victory for Jim.

    We’re working to chip away at the Democrats’ strangle-hold on Congress and you can help us today by supporting Jim. It’s no secret that we’re all feeling the effects of an increased Democratic majority on our economy. The Democrats’ out-of-control spending is driving our country deeper into debt and every Republican vote for responsible spending is critical.

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