Parents: Legally Responsible But Not Entitled to Know

California requires doctors to treat children (yes, teenagers are children) for medical issues without parental consent (including: abortion, sexually transmitted disease, mental issues).

A school board in Vista, CA is requiring teenagers to get parental consent prior to leaving campus for confidential medical services. The ACLU is threatening to sue.

Opponents are suggesting that children will be left vulnerable to abusive parents. Did it ever occur to any of these “adults” that a child (again, a teenager is a child) in such a situation will more likely remain in an abusive situation if the “evidence” is routinely cleaned up?

One of the issues is with pregnant minors receiving abortions. A 15 yr old pregnant by her “boyfriend” (15, 20, 30, 40+?, father? relative?) isn’t always reported to the authorities (that is statutory rape after all). Wouldn’t want to lose the trust of the child…but how is she protected? What if she is being raped by a 40yr old man? a relative? father? step-father? Who would ever know? The abortion is private, confidential, unreported. This works if the scenario is a disease or mental illness.

What about these situations?


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