Because We Have an Extra $2 Trillion Laying Around. (Class Warfare Run Amok)

If you think this will only impact the “rich” (aka those making over $250k/yr) you would be wrong. Fairly soon all of this spending is going to trickle down to the top 20% (aka: those making over $60k/yr) and beyond.

Cap and Trade and the Climate Agenda, cost = $2,000,000,000,000

Beware of class warfare.

One Response

  1. Actually, it won’t cost the government 2 trillion, it will cost businesses 2 trillion, and this leads to costing americans two trillion.

    And sinse we all use electricity, it doesn’t just effect the top 20%.

    It effects everybody. Those bills Obama says are stacking up will only get larger…

    But don’t worry… change is coming to Washington.

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