Michigan Judge Fears Bible Verse “Threat” by Reverend, Reverend Gets 3-10 Years

Note to self, stay out of Michigan.

Originally sentenced to probation for a separate matter. The Rev. Edward Pinkney is now in jail for 3-10 years for writing an article decrying the judge’s original ruling. In the article, the Rev Pinkney quoted the Book of Deuteronomy to say that God would punish the judge for his “wrongdoing,” the court decided to send him to jail.

A subsequent judge found the language sufficiently threatening, off to jail he went. So much for freedom of religion.

    “The First Amendment was designed to protect ministers speaking religious truth to political power,” said Eric Rassbach, the Becket Fund’s National Director of Litigation.

    “From the colonial preachers who decried British tyranny, to the abolitionist ministers of Massachusetts to Martin Luther King Jr., our country has a proud history of allowing ministers to hold government officials to account. A court can’t punish someone for saying that the judge broke God’s law.”

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