Why the Republican Party is Still Losing Support

In today’s NY Post, there is an article by Fredric U. Dicker about Gov. Patterson, (D)-NY, secretly looking to increase income and sales taxes for a 2-yr period allowing him to pay for the budget and campaign on cutting taxes. The sad thing is, this line will probably work, the way earmarks have worked in DC. Another slight of hand used by politicians to dupe the ever busy public.

Neither party seems intent on changing the way anything is done in DC. After all, Republicans contributed 40% of the earmarks in the spending bills. 84% of people polled are strongly against all earmarks.

Why trust Dems or Reps when they continue to ignore us? If your constituents are too busy trying to live their lives, raise their families and pay their taxes, they’ll never have time to really look into what is going on in gov’t. (What Obama and the Dems are counting on)

The people of this country want determined leaders willing to act openly while adhering to consistent principles. That is why so many conservatives have no party to really call their own.


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