Greenies to World: Humans Are the Problem

Can you say… “China, One Child Rule”

So in order for the world to be the Eden of the religion of the Green/Environmental movement, we need to do one thing: eliminate the scourge that is humanity. The continual cry that CO2 is some sort of toxic gas is beyond reason. All living, breathing creatures emit CO2. Following their logic, it stands to their reason that of course we should eliminate humans to solve this problem.

Belief in God seems much more rational. After all, God does not require human sacrifice at His altar. In fact, it is prohibited. Human life is to be treasured. Protected. But in a world that is turned upside down, one that tosses God out like the baby in the bath water, in their agnostic/atheistic attempt to create paradise on earth, they’ve identified the flaw in the world. The one element that will not conform unless repressed, that is humanity. So let’s eliminate it.

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