Voter Fraud: ACORN, the Dems & Obama

Apparently it’s no big deal to have 60% of voter registrations be fraudulent. It doesn’t seem to strike the American public as important that the voter rolls be clean. If we do in fact have a high rate of fraudulent registrants, and a number of those registrants actually vote, it follows that an election can be rigged. Why doesn’t this bother everyone? Do the means justify the ends?

The same group, ACORN, who is in the bag for the Dems and has no scruples about fraudulently registering “voters” is now in prime position to “assist” the Federal government with the census. The census. I just want that to be absorbed… The Census.

Why is this important? Because that is how the number of representatives are determined and it goes to districting – the party in power, the Dems, will be able to rig the electoral college for years to come if we are not vigilant. If it all honestly came out the same way, I’d have no issue. But this is power for power’s sake. This is arrogance – our way is the only way. This is oppression. (See the quote by T. Jefferson on my Quotes page)

    According to MonCrief (former ACORN employee), ACORN considered 40 percent an acceptable level of accurate voter registrations turned in by its workers. She said ACORN barely trained its workers in how to register voters properly and would fire employees if they did not meet a quota of 20 new voter applicants daily. If the registration cards turned in did not meet the quota, supervisors were told to fire them right there; don’t let them waste your money for the day.

    If a canvasser was caught committing fraud, ACORN threw the individual under the bus, MonCrief said. ACORN employees were briefed on how to deny that voter registration fraud existed, she said.

    According to MonCrief, the Obama presidential campaign called her in October 2007 asking for coordination in soliciting donations from people who had already made the maximum contribution to Obama allowed by election laws. MonCrief testified that she was given a massive database of Obama donors who had already reached the limit. Her task was to cull it for potential donors who would then donate to Project Vote, an ACORN affiliate which targets individuals and entities to solicit donations.

    If true, MonCrief’s allegations constitute violations of the Internal Revenue Code, federal campaign finance laws, and laws against voter registration fraud, according to a memo by Cleta Mitchell, co-chairman of the Republican National Lawyers Association.

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