Finally, A Look at Pres. Obama’s Dismal Foreign Relations: Ralph Peters Warns Us All

The article Ralph Peters writes covers everything succinctly. But here’s a little list of items he mentions (our action, their reaction):

  • China: You don’t need to improve on human rights, A staged military confrontation w/ an unarmed US Navy vessel; continued screw-America currency cheating; a renewed crackdown on dissidents and a call for a new global currency to replace the dollar
  • Pakistan: Billions in new aid for Pak pols to pocket, Islamist fanatics sweeping half of its territory, It’s prez tries to ban opposition parties and gut the judiciary. It has nukes and seethes with hatred of America. And Islamabad controls our primary supply route into Afghanistan
  • Afghanistan: Still waiting for Obama to capture Osama bin Laden and fix our previous “mistakes” in Afghanistan
  • North Korea: Obama wanted a fresh start, Threats of war with South Korea and the kidnapping of two American journalists. And the renewed pursuit of weapons of mass destruction, along with rocket tests.
  • Iran, Cuba, Venezuela: Trying to reach our to all, They all need an enemy (Dear Mr. President: It’s not always about us or how evil America is.)

Just to name a few – have to read the article to see how he treats our allies – it makes me too ill.

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