Republic at Risk: America Risks Going the Way of Rome

    A bill that could change how Colorado awards its electoral votes for president is halfway to the governor’s desk after clearing the state House on Tuesday. House Bill 1299 would make Colorado the fifth state to join an interstate compact in which members agree to award their presidential electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote, regardless of which candidate won the state.

This is not a game folks.

If states continue to throw away their citizens’ votes and throw in with mob rule (aka: straight democracy) the gift that is the United States of America will be gone for good. We are a Republic for a reason – so as not to be a mob ruled democracy which gives rise to tyranny. Rome went the way of the Caesars because they were able to gin up mob sentiment.

Sentiment is at the bottom of our troubles. Reason has long since passed away. And to think I used to seriously consider moving to Colorado, unfortunately I live in one of the other four states doing this!


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