Sec of State Clinton in Mexico

Hillary Clinton, our esteemed Sec of State, was in Mexico. Perhaps the Sec. needs to do a little more homework before going on visits to other countries.

Hillary can’t seem to get a staff to research the word “reset” for her Russian friend’s gift of a Staples button, she seems to not understand Mexico’s involvement in the violence at the border and to crown it all off she asked Msgr. Monroy, at her visit to the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, “Who painted it?”

The Msgr replied “God” which I’m sure confused the heck out of Mrs. Clinton. She placed flowers at Our Lady’s feet on behalf of the American people.

Later in the week she attended a gala in Houston, Texas where she was presented the highest award given by Planned Parenthood Federation of America — the Margaret Sanger Award, named for the organization’s founder, a noted eugenicist.

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