Obama’s Ego: HUGE! (an IPOD for the Queen with Obama’s Speeches Inc!)

Are you really kidding me? The DVD thing was bad enough… but and IPOD of the Queen’s visit to the US in 2007, show tunes and of course Obama’s Inaguration speech and pics! That and his arm around Gordon Brown in his “I’m in charge way” makes me long for the good old BJ Clinton days. After all, you knew you could distract him with a chubby 20 year old in a skirt.

Maybe we should get some mirrors and use that to lure this guy back into the Oval Office, let him be preoccupied like Narcissus in the pool…

Article 1

Oh, and just for a little arrogance reminder – check the pic in this Article 2. Obama has his arm around Brown as he leads him out of a room – just like he did to President Bush before he left office.

Remember – everyone else is beneath him.


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