Glimpse Inside North Korea’s Prison Camps

I realize this is an old story. It is important to remember it since we are so eager to dismantle our “unfair” capitalist system for a perversion of the ideas of equality and fairness (this perversion should rightly be expressed as “Equal Outcomes” or “Equal Misery”).

It is the story of Shin Dong-hyuk. A North Korean born in Prison Camp #14, to a father and mother assigned to one another (as a reward for his father’s good work (“Big Love” anyone?), tortured (finger amputated for dropping a sewing machine, burned, beaten), removed from his mother’s care to go to work with other children at age 12, watched his mother and brother executed, luckiest day was when he found 3 kernels of corn in cow dung and ate them (a young girl was beaten to death for having 5 grains of wheat in her pocket) and most disturbingly of all: he had never heard the word ‘love’ until he escaped.

Shin wonders how those in affluent South Korea can be so indifferent to the suffering just north of them.

Indeed, how can any of us? Yet, we should allow North Korea normalized relations with the U.S. and equal status among nations.

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