Video: President Obama Bows to Saudi King – Update*

****Update: Pres. Obama denies bow. hm. really?
Politico Article

Video from American Thinker web site

I’m sure this is another reason the Obama Administration wants to get their hands on the internet. It is part of the demise of the left wing traditional media. What would we do if we were like China and couldn’t get to this material?

(no coverage starkly different than the NY Times’ coverage of Pres. Clinton’s treatment for a perceived bow to the Emperor of Japan.

Do NOT try and tell me this was unintended. It may have been a mistake on Obama’s part in the sense that he wouldn’t want anyone to see him bow to a Saudi King, but it is more likely ingrained in him from his Islamic education. He didn’t bow at the waist to the Queen of England. We all know he is too intelligent not to know how this looks.

Seems to be further proof of Obama’s disregard/disdain for America’s position in this world. And the Apology Tour continues…

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