Un-Biased Media Coverage? Prop 8 vs. Tea Parties

Coverage of California’s Prop 8 Protests:

  • NY Times: 11 stories
  • AP Story: noted 1,000 protesters
  • Nov. 16: 4,000 protesters at city hall
  • Washington Post: 8 stories
  • Big 3 TV Networks: 19 stories, mentioned 2,000 protesters
  • Coverage of Tea Party Protests, Feb 27 Protests in 50 events around the country with 30,000 attending:

  • Big 3 TV Networks: mentioned 3 time in passing
  • Washington Post: once in a brief
  • New York Times: 6 mentions, five of those have been to disparage and undermine them
  • Excerpt from Dan Gainor’s piece:

      When California passed Proposition 8, the Times ran 11 stories detailing the pro-gay marriage protests that followed. One Associated Press story it ran was quick to point out that “about 1,000 advocates of equal rights for gay people” attended a protest. A Nov. 16 story emphasized some “4,000 people gathered at City Hall” and took pains to mention that comedian Wanda Sykes “surprised a crowd of more than 1,000.”

      The Washington Post did eight stories detailing the Proposition 8 protests. The big networks did 19. Both CBS and NBC mentioned that there were “about 2,000 people” protesting at the Long Beach rally.

      By contrast, attendance at the Feb. 27 tea parties was ignored by the networks. Roughly 30,000 people tried to make their voices heard at 50 events around the country. Five thousand people showed their anger over taxes and spending in Orlando and another 5,000 in Cincinnati. “One of the biggest protests so far drew 15,000 on March 8 in Fullerton, Calif.,” according to Investors Business Daily.

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