Unbelievable. Dispicable Display of Journalists on TEA Demonstrations

So much for professionalism.

It is estimated that there were likely 750,000 people in attendance at hundreds of demonstrations around the country on April 15th. But instead of reporting the news, fear and “frat boy humor” was employed by the elitist media. Apparently the “main stream” and leftist media hasn’t realized that this is why they are losing so much market share and money. Perhaps they are waiting for the federal government to bail them out.

In the meantime, they have managed to alienate even more regular Americans. Just a thought to you elitists in the media: many of these demonstrations happened after work hours – but even so, most ‘regular’ Americans have children and commitments that they must attend to, they aren’t inclined to demonstrating. Just think about how many sympathetic to the TEA Parties were at home listening to your drivel.

Oh that’s right, not many. You have no market share…


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