Slippery Slope: Human Cloning

An article in The Independent on April 22nd describes a doctor who claims he can clone a human being and has been illegally working on doing just that. So far he has had three couples and one single woman from the US and the Middle East come forward to help him.

One couple gave him their dead 10 yr old child’s blood to work with and would proceed with a transfer to the womb if the cloning would work. Capitalizing on the grief and hopes of a devastated family. Some things are too much for us to bear, but we must not succumb to another evil.

To date all of his cloning has been a human-animal hybrid. Using the human DNA in an emptied cow egg.

    Panayiotis Zavos has broken the ultimate taboo of transferring cloned embryos into the human womb, a procedure that is a criminal offence in Britain and illegal in many other countries. He carried out the work at a secret lab-oratory, probably located in the Middle East where there is no cloning ban…

    None of the embryo transfers led to a viable pregnancy but Dr Zavos said yesterday that this was just the “first chapter” in his ongoing and serious attempts at producing a baby cloned from the skin cells of its “parent”.


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