UPDATE: Obama Admin Out of Touch: Lets Update Air Force One File Photo, in NYC

***Update 4/28: So are we supposed to be comforted by the fact that Gibbs and Pres Obama both had no idea that Air Force One was buzzing NYC? Again, it really never crossed ANYONE’s mind that this would cause panic in NYC and across the river? Anyone ever hear of photo shop over there? Save a lot of money and carbon emissions…

Just how out of touch and completely removed from 9/11 is President Obama and his administration? Easy. Entirely. They just don’t get it.

It apparently didn’t even cross their minds that updating a file photo of Air Force One, near the Statue of Liberty, would be… nerve wracking for NYC residents?! How many buildings were evacuated needlessly?

These are small things – but these small things reveal just where we are and what is important to us and how we think or approach situations. Apparently, the President of the United States isn’t even thinking about how a huge 747 flying 150 ft in the air would strike fear in the hearts of so many in the tri-state area. Nor did it occur to any of his minions of advisers or czars…

Good job.


One Response

  1. This story made me happy we elected the Big O. Were this a W blunder, the entire NBC family of networks would be showing us Keith Olbermann’s bulging veins and Chris Matthews’ full-throated indignation (the only kind he has). The news cycle might last until Memorial Day.

    Of course, it didn’t take long for the feeling to pass.

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