Obama: Golf During Possible Pandemic? During the Swine Flu?

Would any conservative or Republican President be allowed to play golf, while getting hourly updates, during a possible pandemic?

Nary a negative peep from the “mainstream media” about how Pres Obama seems to be nonchalant in the face of possible peril! Kind of reminds me of the coverage of the Iowa floods – a flood the proportion of a once in 500 yrs event – but there were no recriminations about how FEMA or the President helped or not with that one. Just like Katrina.

    President Barack Obama took advantage of the summer weather in Washington on Sunday to play a round of golf. Before he left for the course, Obama received an update on the swine flu virus, said White House spokesman Reid Cherlin.


Of course the preparation for the flu was done by the GWB administration. We stockpiled the drug Tamiflu (created by a company while Don Rumsfeld was the CEO) which seems to be the best defense/treatment of the swine flu…


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