Update: Now $14.1 Million, Notre Dame Loses Roughly $8,200,000 Over Obama

Bequests have been removed from wills, donations withheld over Pres. Obama being honored and offering this year’s commencement address. $8,200,000 is the conservative effort of what it has cost Notre Dame – in monetary terms. How many more children will not be applying or attending Notre Dame in the future if this issue is not addressed.

The issue isn’t just the most pro-abortion President being honored with a degree, it is that the Catholic University places it’s secular academic identity above it’s Catholic identity.

$8.2 million was the total after just one week…ReplaceJenkins.com

CNA Article

2 Responses

  1. Yeah, and blowing off the President that overwhelmingly won the youth vote would be a great idea to increase applicants. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

  2. The point is not to attract the highest number of people to make money.

    The point is to be true to the principles that make you who you are… if you abandon those, you are no different than any other institution.

    There is more at stake than appeasing a teenagers applying to school.

    So in fact, you are only “damned” if you do…

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