Immigration: Providence College Blocks Rep Tancredo Speech

The Catholic college has blocked former Rep. Tom Tancredo (R) from speaking about immigration at the college. The college’s reason for doing so is that Tancredo’s “anti-immigration” stance is in conflict with the Catholic Church’s teaching.

So where is the outcry from the left that “open and honest debate” and “differing view points” require an open mind and open reception at all learning institutes? After all, Imanutjob was able to speak at Columbia University under the same guise.

I applaud Providence for attempting to honor it’s Catholic heritage. Although, I’m not sure that the speech was “anti-immigration” I’ll take the college’s word on that one. Rep Tancredo’s stance is not so much “anti-immigration” as it is “anti-illegal immigration,” or pro-reform of the immigration process.

I would argue that people sneaking across a border are breaking a law. It is also part of the Christian belief that honoring the law and working to change it is the way to go. Perhaps a better facility and simpler process should be provided for those seeking a better life here in the United States. That would allow us to know who was in our country and why.

    The group Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement said it will host Tancredo on Wednesday at the Pawtucket Veterans of Foreign Wars building where it normally meets. Its founder Terry Gorman told the Associated Press that Tancredo would speak that same day at the gates of the college.

    Providence College said that if a similar request is made in a future semester it would encourage and facilitate the hosting of a discussion on illegal immigration in a format that “allows for multiple points of view to be expressed.”


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