Brazil: Clinton’s Abortion Fiction

Hillary is at it again. This time instead of being shot at by snipers in Bosnia, she was in Brazil and decided that

    …half of the women she had seen in Brazilian hospitals “were fighting for their lives against botched abortions.”

Watch the video of her statements to Congress. (1:15)

And in case anyone is thinking, well she just exaggerated… (foolish people) she made this one up too. Even the part about GOING to the hospital.

Apparently she hadn’t even stepped foot in a hospital.

    After her comments she was asked to produce evidence as to when she had visited the hospitals or statistics to back her claim, but neither she nor her staffers have been able to produce any evidence.

More importantly: exaggeration and hyperbole are tools the pro-abortion movement uses to squelch discussion or debate.

    “junk science” was how former abortionist and founding member of NARAL, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, attempted to influence public policy. Nathanson once said that 10,000 women were dying in the United States because of botched abortions, but later after his conversion to Catholicism, said that he and other pro-abortionists exaggerated those claims and the number was closer to 200-250 women annually.

So just how many women die from botched abortions in Brazil? Do pro-abortionist even want to have an honest discussion about this vitally important issue? And they wonder why Pro-Lifers think they just want to get rid of babies…

10,000 vs. 250. Quite a difference.


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