Obama and Gitmo: Detainees at a Prison? Near You…

All over the place…

    Some terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay prison may be transferred to ‘supermax’ prisons in the United States, while others could be prosecuted in U.S. courts, President Barack Obama revealed this afternoon.

    The U.S. government was expected to announce today that Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, accused of supplying equipment and support for the bombings, would be brought to trial in federal court in New York, a U.S. official said…

    Even Durbin acknowledged that Obama had put Democrats in an awkward spot by sending up a request for funding to close the prison without an accompanying plan.

    ‘The feeling was at this point we were defending the unknown. We were being asked to defend a plan that hasn’t been announced,’ Durbin said.

I am beginning to think that the President is less moved by a formed philosophy then I had previously thought. He seems worse than Bill Clinton in this regard. I get whiplash just trying to keep up with his positions. Or is it that the job of president, the office of the Presidency is more difficult to tame then he thought?

Blame Bush all you want, but it’s beginning to sound like Cheney has a point – perhaps Pres. Obama wasn’t thoughtful enough when he got into office and decreed immediately that Gitmo was closing… much tougher than it seems isn’t it?


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