Update on the $134 Billion in US Bonds in a Suitcase….

Glenn Beck makes great points on this story. Why is it that this story broke on 6/1/2009 and the “mainstream” or “state run” media still hasn’t so much as made a dent in it?

    “Our Bureau of Public Debt suggests they’re bogus and here’s the quote from the Treasury: “Based on the picture we’ve seen via the Internet, the securities are crude fakes.”

    The Internet? Possibly the biggest scam in history and the best you can do is a Google search? Please, don’t work too hard on this one, guys — geez.

    The apparent lack of investigating in this story is leaving all the questions unanswered. Questions like: If these bonds were so obviously fake, why would it take two weeks for that information to come out?”

    It’s so big that if real, confidence in the dollar would plummet. But apparently, it’s not big enough for the authorities to bother holding onto these guys.

    Our researchers couldn’t find any wires or major dailies carrying official word on whether these two men are still in custody. Reports from the Financial Times and at least two credible Japanese papers suggest they were released.


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