This blog is an endeavor begun because of the insistence of a good friend.  I was told to stop “blogging” on my networking site and start a proper blog.  Apparently I have no idea what a social networking site is supposed to be (I’m not convinced I know what a blog ‘should’ be either).

My interests run to the boring and tedious political & religious spheres.  In an effort to keep my friendships, I have moved my ‘thoughts’ to this blog.  My thoughts really only consist of responding to articles and news bits.  Much of what you’ll find here are links to that news.  And hopefully an occasional intelligent comment or discussion.  It would be nice to engender conversation about the philosophical as well.

I’ll sound elitist here when I say that I think the most ‘civilized’ discussion on politics, religion and philosophy I’ve had was with an acquaintance, on a trip to Italy – in Naples.  My husband and I were dining with a Roman Jewish friend/business associate and his girlfriend, a Roman Catholic.  Of course, it could have been the al fresco dining in a beautiful location (yes, Naples has beautiful locations too!).  And perhaps our friend was used to such discussions being maybe 1 of 3 Jews in Rome (joke).  But we were able to ponder, debate, discuss and challenge each other – it was so gratifying, so refreshing and not at all emotional – but still passionate.  Now that was an evening.

So, thank yous or hisses – depending on your response belong to my dear friend Chris.  He insisted that I try a blog because although he does not share my viewpoint on many things – he enjoys my ‘voice’ and feels it needs to be out there representing ‘my political party.’  I’m still trying to find out where my “Party” is because not many pols reflect my views – but then we all feel that way, right?

As a Conservative and a Roman Catholic in the NYC area, it can feel rather lonely out there.  But I’ll endeavor to leave feelings out of this.



2 Responses

  1. I have just begun to read your blog. It is both inspiring and enlightening. Keep up the blog and the pressure on those who don’t see the light but think they are the beacon!

    By the way, is your lab on the right (Riley I presume) Asian or blind?

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