Health? CT Bans 3D Imaging of Babies In Utero…

According to this FoxNews video, CT is banning non-medical elective 3D imaging of fetuses because of POTENTIAL harm for the baby. Okay, so we will rush an untested vaccine, Swine Flu anyone?, to market to mass inject our children to “protect” them but we can’t allow parents to view their babies sucking their thumb in 3D in the womb?

Is this really about health or are abortionists worried that abortion “rights” will take another hit from the growing evidence that there is more than “just a blob” in the bellies of women…


New Obama Poster: “Boy Wonder” to “Joker”?

as seen in LA

as seen in LA

May be tough to get to Noel Sheppard’s blog but here’s the link. Got the pic here but he got it from Tammy Bruce’s (radio host) blog… Love the poster and yes, the title of my post came from a comment made by metaphorsbwithu on the blog.

Let’s see how this poster does…

The First Lady, Michelle Obama’s 25 Person Staff???

What might you ask, could our esteemed First Lady, Michelle Obama, need or want with 20+ underlings? Is there more to this than simply hair and clothes? Could this be another shadow movement within our gov’t like President Obama’s czars?

So I do say this with a bit of tongue and cheek… but we all well understand Hillary’s ambitions from day one – and she only had a 3 person staff…


The total for these 19 of these folks (6 are unlisted salaries) is $1.729 Million. Not to mention that they all get a benefits package of the national security and defense departments – you know we are paying for this…

But really, I am all for the “woman behind the man” but did we elect Barack or Michelle? or heaven forbid we are getting another “package deal?”

And why oh why isn’t this in the American press?

Canada Free Press Article by Dr. Paul L. Williams
– thank you sir!

ACLU Ad – Against a National ID

Great Ad by ACLU (yes I actually wrote that!)

President Obama Can’t Pitch

a baseball…

Only clip to show it from about 24 seconds in – it’s only about 10 sec…

MLB Video

Supreme Court Overturns Sotomayor Discrimination Ruling!

Yup. Seems that the SC nominee was a light weight in her opinion regarding the white CT fire fighters being denied a promotion because only 2 hispanics and no blacks passed the promotion exam…even though the exam was specifically designed to eliminate any discrimination. Seems that the outcome is all that matters, not the actual law for the appeals court judges.

Is this a further glimpse into Ms. Sotomayor’s qualifications?


Father Barron Video: On Corruption (Political as seen in Bible)

Interesting info about the inherit issues with power and politics, especially divorced from God.