APRIL 14, 2009
Can’t help but agree with Rush’s sentiment that it’s interesting timing, Pres. Obama’s “Economic Speech” (Which I guess we are to blame for the lack of recovery because we are not spending enough money. Also, everyone agrees that the only way out of a recession is spending our way out. Hmmm.) and the release of DHS’s report on the radicalization of “right-wing” folks – especially the single issue kind (anti-abortion, anti-illegal immigration, etc). Seems to be a preemptive attack on the TEA Party demonstrations tomorrow?

I know. I’m just a crazy radical right-winger.

APRIL 4, 2009


I grew up hearing the refrain “Life isn’t fair.” It seems that the United States is to be reduced, and I do mean reduced, to a country of “equal outcomes” in the name of fairness. The simple pleasure of enjoying the unique individuality of our fellow human beings, to revel in someone’s accomplishment and strive to reach our own fulfillment is diminished when we hear “why should someone make $20 million a year?”

While I understand the emotion that accompanies this question, I wonder where is the philosophy? Do any of us reason any more? The question isn’t whether someone should “be allowed” to make insane amounts of money. The question is: do we all have an opportunity to become the best of who we are? and to decide what that means to each of us.

There was a recent (2005) escapee from a North Korean prison camp . His name is Shin Dong-hyuk. He was born in the camp, saw his mother and brother executed. His “lucky day” while living in the camp was when he found 3 kernels of corn in cow dung. He wiped them on his sleeve and ate them. He never heard the word ‘love’ until his escape.

This is life in a totalitarian regime. A godless attempt to create equal outcomes among humans under the guise of the general principles of Marxism and Leninism.

May God bless and keep the United States of America.

APRIL 2, 2009
Since Pres. Obama and Mr. Geithner have no qualms about stepping into the ever increasingly disparaged “Private Sector” to straighten out the wanton Capitalistic excesses, perhaps they might look to that quasi-private entity known as “Fannie Mae” or even “Freddie Mac?”

What praise they would garner if they reached back in time to rescind the bonuses of Franklin Raines and the rest of the gang!? Mr. Raines made $90,000,000 while at Fannie Mae. Could be a windfall equal to the AIG bonus debacle!!! Just think of it – more distraction for the uninformed masses and more cudos for the all-knowing, all-fixing, all-mighty B. Hussein Obama! I mean Mr. President.

But why bother with that? When you can remove the tax breaks for charitable donations, take the money into the federal coffers and distribute said monies yourself!!! Pure Genius! Then you would receive all the laurels and prestige and good feelings for making charitable donations of other people’s money.

Now I understand how President Obama got to be elected. I’ve begun to see the light.

MARCH 31, 2009
It’s frightening to think that a President who censors the use of “War on Terror” is the one making decisions in this political climate. Yup, we are going to cut the Pentagon’s budget. No worries. The Chinese have their “Kill Weapon” (anti-Aircraft Carrier), the Pakistani gov’t is under attack by the Taliban, Russia is posturing, Iran and Venezuela are cozy… fun for you and me.

MARCH 27, 2009
Interesting to note that the British minister, Daniel Hannan (see video in post of March 25) dressing down Brown was on Scarborough this morning. His most important message to the US people if they glean nothing else: Do Not Go Down the Path of Nationalized Health Care.

MARCH 26, 2009
I am so glad to read this quote by Rush Limbaugh today in his email, because it encapsulates how I FEEL. Not that I am a proponent of venting feelings, but it’s good to acknowledge them and move on. The scary part is it’s so true.

    “Obama is so smart, he can increase the national debt by $9 trillion and brag he cut it! He can say we’ll be out of Iraq in 16 months for 27 months — or that he’ll get the world to love us, while Poland, England, France, Germany and the EU (not to mention the ChiComs) are furious with us. He can even pledge to work with Iran to stop nukes. When Bush was president, the jokes were on him. With Obama, the joke’s on us, and it isn’t funny.” -Rush Limbaugh

MARCH 18, 2009

It is the day after St. Patrick’s Day and a day before St. Joseph’s Day. I suppose you’ll wonder why I mention this. It is for this reason: at the end of the day, our country belongs to God. If we walk away from who we are by abandoning our principles, founded in the laws of God, we will lose our country. So what is to be done?

Our country is different from all others because we are bound by an ideal, a vision, “the city on the hill.” These were not just lofty words. We value the individual, even if that individual does not subscribe to the ideals which brought this country into being. Our success is the success of individuals. Our success resides is allowing the individual to exercise his God-given fee will, to determine his own destiny. Not the destiny some politician thinks he should have (if you aspire to being a red-neck, go for it)

The very apparent socialist objectives of our President are becoming more apparent every day, and not just to conservatives but to his supporters. I don’t understand how people cannot believe a person when he tells you what he is going to do and shows you what he believes (even while pretending something else) but the fog is lifting.

Let’s hope and pray it is in time. With the reduction of our armament, the abandoning of our military (VA debacle), the weakening of our country (see the economy, inability to do anything but spend), the posturing of Russia (Rearmament, Iran Missle Contract, bombers in Cuba, one world currency, etc), Chavez, lifting the ban on Cuba, the nuclear aspirations of Iran, we are in no position to falter. The brashness of our young socialist President may be his undoing.

This may be our opportunity to get rid of the politicians (in both parties) and get some principled leaders. If only some will stand up. May level heads prevail.

MARCH 11, 2009

Today it seems we are continually reminded that Washington DC is completely contemptuous of the people of this country. More waste, more spending, hand outs that are unregulated. Those who are joining this administration have ethical questions galore. Our President seems (as noted in Newsweek) more “judicial” than Presidential, more content with a flurry of activity than steady progress. It seems to reinforce the general disgust the people feel about politics and the growing lack of faith in our system. Upsetting indeed.

Those in power today, that is the Democrat Party, would do well to learn that they were voted in not because of a liberalization of our people but a reaction to a Republican majority that wasn’t delivering on promises. The Republicans spent like crazy and disregarded the people’s will. The people voted for a “change.” But that meant a turn towards a more prudent, open and responsive limited government – not a spending orgy. And certainly not a power grab for power’s sake. The people are hopeful and patient, best not to try their patience.

We should all remember the founding of this country began with a hope to escape an oppressive and over-reaching government.


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  1. Here’s the “real” reason why Obama does not want ships and their crews to carry weapons. If they can actually defend themselves and stop the pirating it will prove that gun ownership works!

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