Obama Timeline

JULY 2009
17: Coordinated car bombing in Jakarta, Indonesia at Ritz, Marriott killing 8 wounding 50.

  • Iran has capacity to test Nuclear Weapon in 6 months, per UN diplomats
    JUNE 2009
    29: Al Franken awarded Senate seat by Minn. Supreme Court – Coleman concedes giving the Dems a Super Majority in the Senate.

    28: Pres. Obama throws in with Castro & Chavez. Sides with the attempt to overthrow the Constitution of Honduras by the current leader (would be dictator) condemns his lawful removal by the armed forces.

    26: Cap & Trade Tax passed by House 219-212; bill is 1200 pages – it was unread. 8 Rep voted for it. 300 page Manager Amendment added at 3AM on morning of the vote.

  • South Korea increases Surgical Strike capability against North Korea – Doctrine allows for pre-emptive action
  • Unions exempt from TAX on Health Care Benefits
  • 25: North Korea vows NUCLEAR attack in US provokes
    24: No Iranian diplomats accept invite to July 4th parties

  • Barnie Frank asks Fannie & Freddie to relax lending standards (cause issue in first place?!)
  • 18: North Korea threatens to fire long range missile at Hawaii on July 4th! (Taepodong-2 with a range of up to 4,000 miles) and has vast Chemical weapons arsenal

  • Hundreds of Thousands Protest in Iran over Voting Fraud
  • 17: Obama: Jobless rate will reach 10% (thought spending bills were to keep below 9%?)

  • Brazil: Time for new world order at BRIC nations first ever summit
  • 16: Obama seeks to increase gov’t reach: ability to seize private companies if their “failure” jeopardizes the financial system

  • Obama blocks access to WH visitor list
  • Russia calls for new reserve currency
  • Obama comments on Iranian election, and 4 days of protests: “It’s not productive to be seen as meddling”
  • Obama loses sleep over deficit!
  • 15: Mubarak: “Netanyahu’s demand that Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish state is ruining the chance for peace.”

  • Gitmo Detainees released to Bermuda (without Britian’s permission) Supported by US Tax Dollars
  • Iran opens fire on protesters
  • 14: Iran: More protests and rallies – fraudulent election charges, no comment by US
    13: Ahmadinejad declared victor in Iranian election, protests begin

  • North Korea says it will weaponize it’s plutonium
  • Chinese sub smashes US destroyer’s sonar
  • 12: Privacy may be victim in Cyber Defense – thru NSA

    APRIL 2009
    23: Taliban Moves to Within 60 Miles of the Capital of Pakistan – apparently emboldened by the previous days agreement

    22: Pakistan Abdicates to the Taliban – allowing imposition of Sharia law in part of the country

    21: Pres. Obama Invites Retro-active Retribution for Members of the Previous Administration on Anti-terror Legal Advice

    15: Pres. Obama Releases Top Secret CIA Documents Detailing Interrogation Techiniques

    14: North Korea Says It Will Boycott Nuke Talks, Restart Weapons Plant

  • DHS releases report warning of radical right-wing militias on the rise.
  • Pres Obama gives economic speech telling us it won’t get better until 2010 (election year) and the recession is lingering because we won’t spend more money
  • Gov of Texas, Rick Perry, to Federal Gov’t “stop oppressing states” and sponsors HCR 50 to reaffirm states’ rights under the Constitution 10th Amendment.
  • 12: US Navy Seal Team takes out Pirates, Capt Rescued. Obama gave “Order to Shoot” on previous day

    09: Iran announces 7,000 uranium enrichment centrifuges are running

  • Obama has plans to legalize all illegals in US (est. # 12-14,000,000)08: US cargo ship hijacked by Somali pirates, US Gov’t no response, US Crew re-takes ship, Capt held hostage
  • US reveals cyber attacks on power grid by Chinese and Russian spies
  • Pakistan rejects US plan to joint fight against Taliban, Demands US hand over drones
  • North Korea Threatens 15 UN Sec Council Nations if sanctions imposed, they will respond
  • 07: Obama tells Turkey it supports it’s bid to join EU.

  • Obama declares US not Christian or Judean country, that Islam has shaped US
  • 7 Dem Legislators visit Castro in Cuba
  • 06: Obama tells Pentagon to cut spending on missile defense by $2 billion, or 20% (great timing)

    05: North Korea tests long range ballistic missile. Pres. Obama says “they broke the rules” and “This provocation underscores the need for action” (you think?)

    01: Israel’s PM Netanyahu to Obama “Act or we will” in regard to Iran’s nuclear capabilities

    MARCH 2009
    31: China has Kill Weapon for destroying US Aircraft Carriers

  • Sen. Levin, Mich-(D), expect Painful cuts in Pentagon Budget
  • Russia calls for return to Gold Standard
  • 30: Pres. Obama Announces the dismissal of GM CEO Robert Wagner as a condition of further gov’t bailout (then mentions bankruptcy might be the answer)

  • Russia & China are coordinating proposals on a new global currency that could replace the US dollar as a reserve currency
  • Gunmen occupy Pakistani Police Academy
  • 29: Obama announced plans to overturn an executive order signed in the Bush Administration that protected health care workers’ freedom of conscience to not perform abortions and other morally objectionable medical procedures.
    27: Russia Planning Artic Military Force
    Sec. of State Clinton Calls China the US’s Most Important Relationship
    26: North Korea Loading Rocket, US sends Two Warships to waters off Japan
    24: North Korea Announces Intent to Launch Satellite (aka long-range missile testing).

  • Declares if UN attempts to stop it, will be an end of disarmament talks. (shocker)
  • Obama: US will stay on offense in Afghanistan
  • 23: China Calls for Dumping US Dollar & Replacing with New World Currency (run by IMF)
    19: North Korea Arrests and holds 2 US Korean-American Journalists for possible spying after “straying” across NKorean/China border
    18: Russia: Seeking one world currency, Confirms Missile Contract w/Iran, Rearmament in the works
    17: Express outrage about AIG bonuses (which he knew about before signing extra $30billion)

  • Tells Veterans they will have to use Private Insurers to pay for their care
  • 2 US journalists taken by North Korea – accused of being US spies
  • Nominated his first of what is likely to be many dogmatically pro-abortion judges to the federal bench.
  • 14: Iran declares they are a nuclear power

  • Cuba & Venezuela may host Russian bombers
  • 13: Obama Official on leave after FBI raid
    12: Obama says economy needs new foundation
    Gives AIG addt’l $30Billion
    11: UN says US deadbeat
    10: China says US Navy ships breaking law, ships harassing
    09: Obama signed an executive order mandating the spending of federal taxpayer money to subsidize embryonic stem cell research, threatening to direct federal funds away from adult stem cell research (the more promising stems cells).

    FEBRUARY 2009
    25: Sen Byrd pens letter to Pres. Obama: complained czars are threat to constitutional checks and balances, amounting to power grab by the executive branch.
    24: Washington state writes 250,000 $1 checks to trigger an additional $43 million in federal food benefits.
    20: Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood considering taxing motorists based on how many miles driven rather than gas used.
    18: Sen. Roland Burris’s (D-Ill.) acknowledged gaps in his testimony to a state House panel investigating former Illinois Gov. Blagojevich
    16: Bradley Schiller Says Barack Obama Should Stop Comparing Our Financial Crisis With the Great Depression (wsj.com)

  • Chicago Tribune’s Jill Zuckman joins admin as Dept of Transportation’s director of public affairs and asst to Sec. LaHood.
  • 14: Stimulus Package will pay states bonuses for increasing the welfare rolls
    11: Iranian TV asks for Obama Interview
    10: Sen. Schumer declares the American people don’t care about pork projects.
    07: FT.com / Europe – Russia rattles sabres in Obama’s direction
    06: ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Admits Daily Calls with Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and James Carville
    05: Rep. Hilda Solis’s nomination to be labor secretary was postponed in the wake of a report saying that her husband yesterday paid off about $6,400 in tax liens.

    JANUARY 2009
    31:   Iran says Obama’s offer to talk shows US failure

  • Tom Daschle recently paid about $100,000 in back taxes in response to questions raised during the vetting of his nomination to be HHS secretary
  • 29: Blagojevich Impeached
    28: Congress passes Spending Bill aka “Porkulus”
    California postpones tax refunds
    27: Pelosi speaks of Nationalizing banks (see 10 Planks)
    26: Obama writing open letter to Iran – plans talks w/out preconditions
    25: Obama appears in 1st interview – on Arab TV
    23: Obama reversed the Mexico City Policy, which mandated that overseas family planning agencies that receive US tax dollars not promote or perform abortions.
    11: President-elect Obama said reviving the U.S. economy will require scaling back on his campaign promises and personal sacrifice from all Americans. (Bloomberg)
    06: Europe faces energy crisis as Vladimir Putin cuts Russian gas supply – Telegraph.co.uk
    05: Franken “Wins” Senate Seat after Statistically Improbable Recount Swing (helped by inconsistent recount standards – WSJ
    02: Richardson Withdraws from Commerce Secretary Appt 1

    DECEMBER 2008
    ??: Blagojevich Appoints Burris to Senate Seat
    26: Israel Begins Bombing Gaza Strip
    09: Blagojevich Arrest for trying to sell Obama Senate Seat
    01: Pentagon expects to have 20,000 uniformed troops inside the United States by 2011 trained to help state/local officials respond to a nuclear terrorist attack or other domestic catastrophe. (Someone should read the Constitution in DC since this is prohibited)

    NOVEMBER 2008

    ??: “Obama Offers Rahm Emanuel Job of White House Chief of Staff” – abc (change???)

  • “Iraq confident Obama won’t withdraw troops too quickly” – Reuters
  • THE NEW REALITY: China urges Obama to respect free trade
  • 05: (aka “Day After Election) “Attacks continue as rocket hits w. Negev” Jerusalem Post

  • “President Dmitri Medvedev orders missiles deployed in Europe as world hails Obama” – TimesOnline
  • “Iran warns U.S. military after Obama win” – Reuters
  • “U.S. Stocks Post Biggest Post-Election Drop on Economic Concern ” – Bloomberg14
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